Many are of the opinion that “There should be the demand of the products selling” and I would add to it in the context of an eCommerce store that “It is not only the demand but The Repeat Demand of your products makes your store roll on.” Majority eCommerce store owners are in dilemma in or another way whether they should opt for PPC or not and if they do, then what lump of money they need to spend to get anticipated traffic on their store.

The dilemma is obvious at the outset and even at the stage when you are surrounded by a number of new arrivals in the industry. Pay per click advertising works well if you have made a thorough the study of the markets of different domains, their shopping habits, their choices, paying capacity and of course, the way they search a product or a service online.

Here is a summarization of elaborative thoughts on eCommerce PPC Management Services.

E-commerce PPC Management Services Product Advertising Google Adwords

1. Well Plan for the use of Google Adwords strategy:

Google AdWords isa much popular platform for business advertisements. This platform churns out billions of search queries every day and therefore it will turnout to be a quick start of revenue by generating traffic to your core landing pages. Hence, you need to plan a sound strategy for the Google ads.

While planning your PPC campaign, you should focus on the most searched keywords related to your products or the range of services you are offering to your clients or customers.

In the same way, you can also make a micro-strategy considering the festivals, celebrations, occasions, events and the most used search keywords during this period of time.

Likewise, you can also add to your strategy a plan considering the mobile shopping made by the people. With the help of the Google localization, you can still well optimize ecommerce paid search ads.

2. What volume of traffic can you expect?

Before we go into the details of this point, let me make it clear that Google Adwordsis purely text based and you cannot use images or graphics in it whereas if you opt for Google Shopping, you are at liberty to use the images or graphics of your products.

The best benefit you will derive here is that your ad will be placed on the top of the page and if you smartly optimize your Google ads with long tail keywords, you are sureto get the expected results of the PPC for your online store.

Paid search can definitely drive considerably a good traffic as well as generate revenue but it all depends on the four major market variables:

  • Keywords:

You will be required to plan well your keywords and especially long tail keywords. Because you are likely to get more traffic with the help of the long tail keywords used by different visitors than with the common or general group of keywords.

  • Industry You are operating your eCommerce in:

This variable makes a sizeable difference in terms of PPC-ROI ratio. The simple logic is that the larger the industry you are operating your business in, the greater number of visitors you are sure to get. For example, if you are selling an antique piece of art, your audience will obviouslybe comparatively smaller than the ones selling LED tv sets online.

  • Your Budget:

It is an obvious variable deciding the volume of traffic on your online eCommerce store. It is a simple contention that the greater you invest, the larger volume of traffic you are to get on your eCommerce store.

  • Offer:

The PPC campaign is likely to succeed to its greater extent if your PPC plan has something to offer to your customers in the form of discounts, free trials, features etc. This is sure to work out as it is the human tendency to incline towards the additional benefits they derive.

3. Smart planning for other search engines:

Like Google, you should also include other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc also for your PPC for eCommerce Sites planning. They are also stable enough to drive a desired level of traffic on your eCommerce store and earn you for eCommerce Advertising.

This aspect is important mainly because of a larger group of people using these search engines too for online shopping.

Optimization of your eCommerce store before initiating your PPC campaign:


Let me conclude with one minute contention that while planning for Google Adwords for your online store, consider the long tail keywords relevance in general as well as specific sense. A customer buying a furniture might use the words in his search like, “furniture for home with dining chairs and table.”

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