The term, “Native Social Selling Ad”, can be looked upon from various angles and hence you will find different definitions for the same. Hence, I would like to conclude that any promoted or sponsored ad content on any social media platform can well be regarded as native ads. To make it conclusive, we can say that any promotional content with useful information meant for a specific group of people and the same gives a feel and look of the native website contents. In simple words, the paid searches on Google or any sponsored posts on social media platforms can be said to be a kind of native advertising.

Here is a compilation of insights on How you should approach eCommerce native selling through social network advertising.

Native Social Selling Attract Engage Convert Customers

1. Set the goal in the right direction with right intent:

Let us first decide where paid social media native ads work or you should invest in:

  • For brand Awareness.
  • To generate leads or conversions to your website through the native ads.
  • For creating a brand loyalty.
  • For additional market share.

Considering the above aspects, you need to opt for your native ads plan. Because each of the above has quite different end-results and the efforts you will be required to put in and so will be in terms of the monetary investment you need to make.

2. The benefits that you can entertain by ecommerce native selling:

One thing you can be sure of is that you are sure to reap multiple benefits with native ads, like

  • Bringing brand awareness among the existing as well as the new customers.
  • Develop and maintain the trust of your customers and can thereby increase the brand loyalty.
  • And you can also a great number of subscribers to your native ads or the promotions you are doing.
  • Another benefit of the native ads is that your website or blog will be well optimized from the point of view of SEO will generate noticeable traffic on your website or blog or articles you have placed on some social media platforms.

Native ads can be helpful especially when you have a new website to promote and can’t invest much in building a strong SEO based conversions.

3. Create and maintain the quality of the contents:

This is another crucial aspect and I would say, the prime one for achieving the aim behind native advertising. There three major factors that decide the success or failure of your native social selling contents- Value, Interest, and Enchanting.

Think of any ad that is devoid of any of the above three elements, it is sure to nose dive to the ground no matter how much time and money you have invested in creating it. For deciding and adding the three factors you can also have a help of the professional native advertising companies that can assist you creating the contents that can interest your target audience, that is attractive and can be helpful to them in one or the other way. Moreover, don’t forget to link the content’s URL on the platform you are placing your native ads.

4. Decide your audience:

Maybe, that everyone coming across your ad might not be your customer, but they can be if they have shown their interest by visiting your website. yes, you can decide you audience comparing the behavior and interaction exhibited by your existing customers with the ones who have followed suit.

This is the aspect concerned more with the audiences that are available on Your FB or Twitter account and scrutinizing the most likely your customers. For example, you are running a business of cabs, and you found a visit of someone a day before. Then, you can push a promoted ad on FB highlighting your cab services.

In nutshell, you need to be prompt and responding to the searches as well as the behavior of “Likely to be Customers” in respect of your promoted native ads.

5. Selection of the social media for social network advertising:

The selection of social media platform where you wish to place your native ads depends on two prime factors- Your Budget and Your Audience.

You can have a handsome ROI by placing your native ads on the platforms like Time, Huffington Post, or New Your Times but the same might require huge investments on your part and if you wish to go with minimal investment on the same then you can opt for other media with comparatively lower costs to display your ads.

In the same way, the choice of visiting the social media platforms of your target audience also plays a vital role in the success or failure of your native social selling campaign.

6. Conclusion:

Native social media selling is and will be highly productive in terms of your social engagement, leads, conversions, new customers, and the traffic that you wish to be on your website but all these words will have the worth only when you have an eye on the path you walk on and the goal you wish to achieve.

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