When you think of the market, you think of the sales and when you think of sales, you need to think of demand. But it is not merely the demand that you should pour your time on but it is the Repeat Demand that you should think deeply about. Yes, this the question that every marketer is facing today due to the fierce competition prevailing in the market. Here is a research-based analysis that will help you out in increasing the repeat visits of your customers with repeat demand for your products.

Strategies to increase customer’s loyalty and boost repeated product purchase

Evaluate Customer Services

It is always the emotional bond of a customer with your online store that fetches him to your eCommerce store and compels him to shop there. The emotional bond is earned through best in its class services rendered by your eCommerce store.

The following factors will help you improvise your customer services:

1.Transparency in what you do and what you promise

The most successful businesses are those who provide the products what they display on their eCommerce store. If the products supplied by you deviate from the descriptions, it creates a feeling of distrust which ultimately results in the loss of a heavy business.

2.Responses with positive attitude and approach

If you take time more than expected in responding to a query of a customer, it harms the overall image of your company. Maybe, your teammates might be facing tight schedules taking care of various customers, but you need to respond your customer with a positive attitude in case of delay with genuine grounds and explanation.

3.Maintain your live contact with your customers

This aspect is basically concerned with image building process of your online store. There are various social media platforms from where you can be in live contact with your customers. Yes, what makes the difference is the type of the contents you approach with and the social media platform you use to get in contact with your customers.

Besides the above discussed factors, you should also take care of the complains, sales returns, damages or shortage in supply to motivate and build trust with your customers.

Appreciate and Improvise Customer Loyalty Program

According to the scientists of marketing management, one of the best motivators is the recognition of an individual. If you fail to appreciate and recognize the loyal most customers, you are sure to fall on the ground or fade in the air. This is so especially because there are hundreds of other companies in the market selling the homogeneous products with more attractive offers and prices. So, when a customer feels ignored or neglected, the chances of his diversion increase to a greater extent.

You can improvise Customer loyalty program by introducing

  • More Rewards Points for the products.
  • Referral initiatives.
  • Offer Cash Discounts for future purchases.

Offer Subscription Offers

This factor is basically concerned with the products required frequently by your customers. For example, pet foods, cosmetics, kitchen ware, grocery items etc are consumed more frequently than the items like dresses and designer’s ware. So, when customers are offered to subscribe to a group of products with attractive discounts or additional quantity of products, you are sure to get a fix amount purchases from them.

Don’t forget to communicate the best discounts and offers

What if you have the best discounts to offer to your customers but if the same is not communicated to them at the right time with proper communication channels!! You need to have a proactive strategy for communicating the best discounts and offers you come up with.

This time-tested promotional methodology rolls on if implemented with timely email campaign. You can get confirmation from your loyal customers with the best offers you have for your products. Your email should be informed in detail what benefits the customer is going to entertain with each purchase he makes.

Make your website feature rich

Repeat and productive visits on your website are possible when an average customer finds the convenience while shopping online. For example, a customer may postpone a purchase due to some reason at some future time. So, your website must have a feature like Wish List or Shop Later. Moreover, this wish-list items should be taken care of with timely email to the customer. Likewise, you can add more interactive and easy features on your website like Shopping Cart Button, Easy Payment with cards or with EMI options etc.

Next level website visit experience

This factor relates to the design, themes, colors, and ease of the navigation of your website. what the most common element is the easiness felt by the visitor while gliding through various sections on your webpage. In the same way, smart integration of the display of other products on your website motivates the visitor to visit your website again.


Market demand of a product is influenced by a number of inflexibilities- internal and external. You have no or little control over the external factors affecting demand but you can definitely have good control over the internal factors affecting demand. The above discussed factors are inherently internal and you should as a business owner dig deep into each of them and you will have a healthy market share for your product.

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