For bigger e-commerce companies to a smaller online business owner and growth marketers innovative, smart and highly effective search engine marketing ensures that customers find their website easily when they want to buy a product that you sell.

Search engine marketing for e-commerce business (SEM) is an important segment of your online marketing strategy that focuses on a deliberate effort to match your customers search intent and crafts an e-commerce marketing strategy to bring customers to your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Despite the fact that SEM has the highest ROI for any eCommerce marketing campaign, most online shops are putting together a little to no consideration of search engines.

Some Facts:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase

For instance, a jewelry store may have highly trained designers and hundreds of happy customers, but if an online search puts the business on page five, or if search results show a two-star rating based on negative reviews, new customers are likely to buy from elsewhere.

Search engine marketing for online retail business is less expensive than offline marketing; and protects and expands your digital presence, targeting customers precisely when they are searching for the type of products you are selling.

Components of SEM Strategy for Ecommerce Websites

SEM for eCommerce websites
Search Engine Marketing for Ecommerce Business

Like any effective marketing strategy, search engine marketing for online small business works best when it takes a multi-channel approach, including:

Search engine optimization (SEO) :–

Search engines prioritize results by ranking web pages and websites they consider relevant and authoritative based on the search query of visitors. A well-crafted SEO plan to match your target customer’s requirements and possible queries, and more high-quality links to your website, add the authoritative the search engines consider to rank a site high in SERP’s.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) :–

Google pay-per-click advertising
Google pay-per-click advertising

PPC allows small to large online businesses to bid and advertise their products for carefully chosen keywords or key phrases on Google platform (Adwords). The fee you pay is determined by the number of times customers click on your advertisement.

Local SEO :–

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day. Local SEO bring traffic in through location-based searching (e.g., “best jewelry store near me”). The majority of customers use search engines to find local businesses. Claim your business on Google My Business / Bing Places and on relevant local directories.

Paid Social Advertising :-

Social Media has come a long way, and with the passage of time advertising (Paid Reach) has taken over Organic Marketing (Non-paid reach). Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Reputation Management :–

It’s very critical and important segment of ecommerce marketing strategy it requires you to monitor your social media presence, including online reviews, blog posts, tweets, and other social media mentions. Respond appropriately. Encourage loyal customers to post reviews. Reviews are one of the top factors considered in the decision making of potential buyers.

Search Engine Marketing for Online Stores: Quality Matters

Quality of Search Engine Marketing Efforts
Quality of Search Engine Marketing Work

Back in 2010, Google was getting beaten up in the media for the increasing amount of “content farm” clutter in the search results affecting the quality of search results! Google has already taken action to combat the issue in response to low-quality contents, links and manipulations to get rank high in search engine results.

Relevant, high-quality, and authority is key to get a higher position in search engines. For the jeweler store, a link from a product design related websites carries more weight than a back-link from real estate directory sites.

How are ecommerce marketers increasing the link quality?

  • By publishing informative and useful content targeting the prospects or target customers
  • Making content engaging and shareable
  • Optimizing the content with well-researched target keywords
  • Leveraging partnerships with local organizations and relevant authority sites
  • Encouraging existing partners to link back
  • Building brand presence and visibility on social media platforms
  • Outreach and partnering with industry influencers to support your business and spread brand voice/message
  • Keeping track of local events, encouraging businesses to participate there and then covering the participation online

Search Engine Marketing Services from 819Media

819media was working on the backend helping hundreds of ecommerce businesses increase traffic and sales from years. And in the year 2018 has decided to go online and offers world-class ecommerce marketing services to businesses that are looking to polish their digital presence and ensure a page one position.

Starting with the market and audience research followed by keyword and competitors analysis, 819media experts build a SEM and PPC campaign to match your business and budget. Details monthly reports determine your ROI and allow on-going optimization to maximize performance.

Our search engine marketing enables your business to put your marketing dollars to work in a targeted way to effectively convert web traffic to increased sales.

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