In today’s era, every company is spearheading towards the goal of generating and maintaining a desired level of traffic on their website and the most effective tool for grabbing the targeted traffic and thereby business is Google. There are various methodologies, tricks and tweaks to generate the desired level of traffic and link building are one of them. Link building is a very powerful tool and part of an effective SEO strategy if used smartly following the updates and guidelines by Google.

Link building to many is Like ‘easy to preach and difficult to do’ type of tactic, whereas to some it may seem to be risky to a certain extent. The reason behind this contention is that it is a methodology to link the external websites to link to your website to generate organic traffic. Though this technique is quite popular and common among the online businesses, very few of them succeed in achieving the desired results. Much depends on the value of the links in order to get the desired page rank on Google and the best brains at Google have always been trying to keep an eye on the contents placed on different websites across the globe to keep the junk away and separate from the quality contents.

This write-up throws light on the benefits and perils of Link building as a part of the SEO strategy.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Linkbuilding as a part of SEO Strategies

Benefits of Link Building Strategy:

  • Contents Relevance in respect of the Search Terms and Phrases:

Many marketers somehow either ignore or don’t care about the title tag or headline to be stuffed with the most relevant keywords or phrases. The search engine considers first the keywords in the title tag and the headline. For example, if you wish to get the rank for the phrase, “Mobile App Development”, then you need to dig deep to get the links from the pages that have a higher rank with this phrase.

  • Ideal Contents Marketing:

This aspect is very closely concerned with the quality of the contents you have already created for your website and then sharing the same with other websites and other media channels. This is the reason why your contents must have something in terms of value addition so that other websites get ready to link your write-up in to their posts or articles.

How you will be able to add value to your contents depends on the way you elaborate a subject from a number of angles and with the best of the knowledge on the subject you are creating contents on.

  • Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is fruitful if done with care, precision and proper research homework for your link building as a part of your SEO strategy. What is important in case of guest blogging is that the author should be an authority writer with rich experience and in-depth knowledge he is writing on. In short, he should be able to add some value to the subject matter he is writing a guest blog on.

  • An optimum number of links on a page:

Basically, the more the links a page has, the more value it loses due to the excessive number of the links on a page. Therefore, it would be wiser to link a page with fewer links than to stuff the page with an unnecessary number of links. We cannot quote here the precise number of the links but one has to be quite rational at the time of initiating the link building strategy.

Drawbacks of Link Building:

  • Poor quality link directories:

Directories were actually meant for bifurcating various websites into groups engaged in the same business. but the use of the directories changed and some started inserting the links to their websites for ranking. This is not an ideal practice to be followed. Hence it would be advisable to choose the directories that have very strict approval norms.

  • Quality of contents of blogs:

The articles/ blogs with inferior quality of contents should be avoided. There are numerous websites where you will find the hundreds of articles that lack proper research or genuine idea or concept development. These sites charge small fees but have no process for filtering or examining the contents of the article. The links to such articles or blogs would hardly earn you anything.

  • Over optimized anchor texts:

These are the words used in a link and utilized by Google to determine the rank of a page or website considering the phrase used in the anchor text of a particular website. Google doesn’t permit the texts, phrases that are unnaturally stuffed in the anchor text with its filters. Therefore, you should be careful about using the anchor text for link building purpose.


There are numerous companies out there with a promise of hundreds of links to your website and in fact, they are good for nothing. These links are nothing but a mere mention in some comments or social profiles. It is great if you can build and plan your own link building strategy to get your website to the next level.

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