SEO isn’t always about Google! If you sell products on Amazon. Discover how quickly Amazon SEO can rank your products #1 in Amazon search results. Marketplace like Amazon and eBay are very critical part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. Don’t miss on it.

Let me begin my write up with some facts:

  • More than 50% of products searches are made on amazon and approximately 90% of the consumers tend to visit Amazon for the products reviews, prices, description etc. even though they are likely to purchase a product from another market place.
  • More than 50% customers return back to Amazon when they are dissatisfied with other online stores in respect of the purchase they wish to make.

Reasons to sell on amazon

The above two facts indicate the significance of the Amazon SEO or to be precise, the needed optimization of your Amazon store product listing.

Before we go in deep of the optimization steps, first let me clear What Algorithms does Amazon work on?

Amazon has their own algorithm called A9 to rank a product on their store but the Amazon SEO Strategy algorithm works on the simple fundamental of the Relevance of the Products & its description, page views, and the rank of the seller except the brands registered with Amazon. Based on these three key-fundamentals, I am sharing here some insights that might lead your products to rank on the top on Amazon store.

1. Keywords-Amazon considers two elements:

A consumer’s interaction and the information available on the store relating to your product to rank ahead among the others. In order to plan SEO for Amazon, you should focus first on the keywords in respect of the product page, your rank as a seller, and page views. This has to be so simply because any consumer visiting the amazon store will land on your store or your amazon product page only when you have taken care of inserting the correct keywords based on the searches made by the consumers or the keywords tools.

2. Enrich your product titles with correct keywords:

Product titles stuffed with appropriate keywords and customer friendly structure play a vital role in the optimization process of Amazon store. You should also experiment with various products titles with a set of different keywords mostly used by the customers. However, you should take care that your product title doesn’t have any punctuation, asterisks or other such special characters.

3. Make use of the searched words or phrases and proper indexing of product:

Customers are habituated to search product on an online store in various ways and therefore, you should try out different search terms used by the customers with the help of the tools. However, you should be careful that the same words are not included in the title of the product.

Mind well, Amazon also considers the price of your products, availability of the same and history of your product in terms of selling. Obviously, the products with a higher sales graph are expected to be on the top and have less monitoring of Amazon.

4. Optimize Filtered Navigation with detailed description:

There is a recent update from Amazon called Filtered navigation with the help of which any seller can give additional information about his products. Filtered navigation is added to narrow down the search efforts for similar products in respect of the relevant items. This is why you should give a detailed product description with appropriate keywords.

For example, whey you type “Furniture”, you will be given the search results with options like Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Hotel Furniture etc. You can use the filters like Home Furniture, or a Three-Seater Sofa Set in your product description and you will get the expected business on your amazon store.

5. A Good Product Description with multiple angles:

The search made by a customer for the same product may have different intents. Hence, your products description should be made considering multiple angles. For example, the purpose of buying food grains for one person, maybe for the storage whereas for the other one it may be his just existing requirement.

6. Comparative Pricing:

It is the prime motivator in case of most of the purchase made by a customer. The average customer is always interested in knowing how much he/she is going to save or have an additional discount. It is up to the seller how better they can display on their Amazon Store.


The SEO, in general, has a flexible tendency. And so is true with SEO for Amazon Products.In other words, the algorithm once worked even before a month in case of one particular product, might not work today as the human instinct and tendency to buy something always keeps on changing from time to time. And this is perhaps the reason, SEO for Amazon product is becoming challenging for some to a certain extent and that’s why there are Amazon SEO Services emerged as a separate branch of business in the recent past.

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