93% of the online activity begins with a search where 50% of your SEO success is achieved with effective link building. It is said that search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind ecommerce websites than it cannot be denied too about link building that is gasoline. Search engine rankings and traffic can be improved by getting links from other websites it takes planning.

Link building helps you increase traffic for your ecommerce website that ultimately results in sales increase.

  • On average, 74 percent more links are generated than any other content type using list posts.
  • 62 percent more backlinks are received using infographics than any other contents.
  • Links impacted rankings more than any other factor has been resulted studying 1 million google search results.


Let’s start how link building can be beneficial for your ecommerce SEO.


Create Relevant Content to your Relevant products- Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed primarily to bring audience to you where people are already searching for answers online on search engines, video discovery platforms, social media networks and many more platforms which results into inbound marketing.

Every second person who belongs to online marketing is a participant of the race willing to offer their audience their product and services through content creation.

You know how social media marketing using relevant content can boost your sales? You might be aware about social media yet let us know more how it can be used increasing traffic.

Here, are some social media platforms that can be used for your ecommerce market.


Images attract the eyes of every user that ultimately catches the attention and forces reader to read the same, Instagram is a visual social media place that can be used to promote your product with lots of great images.


Target your audience without sending out any email every time and let your user know about your product or services in short description as it allows only limited characters.


You can definitely consider Facebook for getting real-time feedback or real-time teaching as they handle all of the technical aspects of running a live video session.


You can get benefit by tagging your product or website images that will automatically create an underlying link that points to your specific product page. this is another social media platform that is heavily focused on visual appeal and images.


I would suggest using LinkedIn for targeting the business minded individuals.

You Tube

Engage your audience creating videos that has higher conversion rates.

You know how backlinks can help you generate sales and how you can get more backlinks for your content?

Here is the answer, Link from relevant website will help you more in google than a link from a random website.

Target referral traffic is valuable, make sure you have quality articles before you try becoming a guest post contributor on some heavy hitting websites.

# Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you can become an entrepreneur.com contributor make sure you have quality articles.

# Forbes

You can contribute on Forbes opinion page by submitting completed article on [email protected].

# Inc

You can contribute regularly as a columnist submit to a request email that is [email protected]

# business insider

You should make yourself aware and informative before submitting an article and becoming contributor here on business insider.

You can definitely submit article to contribute on [email protected]sinessinsider.com.

# Fast company

First you should be satisfied by your own article, once you are satisfied and think it’s a good fit, you can move ahead and submit it to: Editor- Rich Bellis at [email protected].

There are many ways of advertising your content yet, PPC in my opinion is the effective method of advertising your content.

Let us see how PPC can be beneficial in advertising your content.

Before jumping to PPC, you should be very sure about what you will do with the traffic?

Is your plan to get sales? Build email lists? Make your product name a BRAND?

Your goal will determine setting up your campaign and how long you run it.

You can benefit your business using PPC as it is cost effective, you only pay when your user actually clicks on your website and it is value for money. Its all in your hand how much to spend less or more.

You know how PPC works now, but there is a question again which PPC campaign you should use?

Let me give you a name and that is GOOGLE ADWORDS,

It’s an essential way of buying rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising.

Creative Category Pages

Category pages are the heart of the ecommerce website. Category pages will rank for key head and mid-tail terms and getting links to these pages will be a major win. The category pages will remain apart of the site architecture no matter if products are rotated or site undergoes for a redesign. Garnering links to these pages is a major challenge.

You should start thinking of how your category pages can be redesigned to make them just another page. For instant demo, RTA category page was designed to become a crazy rube Goldberg device. This page has gotten 21,265 links from 2,598 linking domains.

Sales/Deals Pages submission

You can maintain deals/sales page on the site that fulfills SEO requirements by sales/deals pages submission. Have crawlable, indexable content, static URL, incorporating targeted keywords on the page etc., later revamp the same URL every time you have new sale or deal.

For instant demo, let’s assume your site is giving a 50% discount deal to prime members. When readers will be reported by their bloggers about the deal, they automatically will have link to that page. you can use the same for your next deal after finishing the active sale or deal by revamping it.

Nordstrom has a weekly special page where if you check its backlink profile using open site explorer, you will come to know that the mommy blogger channels has helped Sephora in receiving backlinks.

Related Product Internal Links

You can make Google find index and understand all the pages on your site, using them with plan internal links can send page authority to important pages. In important words, to get higher rankings in Google we recommend the key to rank higher is Internal linking.

Several times, it happens that revamping or redesigning category pages is not possible so we add valuable and unique content which can become an effective form of link bait selling interesting products on your site.

Zazzle sells its digital image services where they customize business cards to wedding invitations or anything that suits you. Second to homepage, their product page received 4,984 links from 654 linking root domains along with 2908 Facebook shares and 1056 Facebook likes. Wired and boing boing are the big sites from where it has received links.

Another example includes:

The RTA Kitchen Cabinetry store page has received 265 linking root domains sites such as nuformcabinetry and tomsguide.

Social Bookmarking

People save links to web pages that they like using social bookmarking which is a method of storing, organizing, searching and managing bookmarks.

Social bookmarking helps you making your brand awareness that can be done by sharing web pages, articles, blog posts, images, videos on numerous social bookmarking websites.

Few examples of social bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon, digg, diigo, reddit, plurk and many more.

Document Sharing

There are several document sharing sites that has high PR and Alexa which will help you building backlinks on such sites, bring highly trusted links for you which ultimately will improve your rankings.

Slide Share

SlideShare helps you target multiple audience encompassing SEO, brand building, social media, content marketing and link building. To get web traffic through SlideShare you should have promising content to achieve it to the home page of the platform.

Social Media Marketing

We know adding your website link, website URL, a link to your website’s to your group pinned post to Facebook will be result driven step.

We get people see and read your content by making your text readable, research competitors, submit to niche related sites and content communities, submit to communities on social network, that advances the reach and trust of your ecommerce store.

Social medial is all about present that is what we are doing in social media in real-time and engage with people all the time.

Get Listed on Vendor and Partner Sites

 To get the desired outcome, you should be keen about the vendor who appreciates your uniqueness, a vendor must be one who has a rock solid reputation, vendor should be ambitious as you are and most crucial thing is a vendor that you can trust in ensuring his support in growing you.

When you choose your better half, you seek for great qualities that ensures your relationship will last. The similar is when you are a solution partner, you will scan each candidate history to make sure your business partner has the quality that can prove best and succeed for years to come.

Blogging with your ecommerce presence

Ecommerce sites consider blog a great marketing and SEO tool. Information about your brand and products can be interpreted through your posts.

You should keep the key points if blogging why it is to be done. Some of the examples are below

#Stay top of the mind

#Great marketing strategy

Adding further you should also know what to blog for your ecommerce site.

Being a Blogger you should be aware about the current need and demand of the user referring to new sites you can write posts which you incorporate your views on the news in your niche. To get more relevant point you can invite your audience to leave comments on your blog that could be used to start your next blog.

Written reviews/ video reviews sharing

This is well known that YouTube is the second-best search engine now and if you comment on videos on YouTube and another video platform usually you will include your link in the signature this will help you get backlink from the video site.

As per the study, 80% of the internet users are not comfortable in reading long copies so by videos you can attract and drive some audience to your website.

Videos can be seen probably on any device also easy to share on social media that gives a personal touch for the users.

You can generate video backlinks by three ways that are

  • #submitting to video sharing sites after creating relevant video
  • #commenting on another existing video
  • #by creating a profile on the video site.


Share Product with Relevant Forums posting – online community

To add a valuable dynamic content to your website you can add a discussion forum to your website where your customers will get a platform to discuss and ultimately will result in keeping your customers close. Web forums are considered one of the best link building techniques.

There are few forum/QA platforms like subreddits and Quora that helps in building a connection with your own and other forums community that have a bigger audience that can be achieved by sharing product with relevant forums posting with online community.

Forum Commenting

Forums sooner or later create a signature with a link back to your website if you assure the forum about your reputation and good contribute.

Forum is a great place to tell people about the area and niche you are perfect in along with building trust and reputation for yourself as a member of the forum.

Local Listings:

 We help you to list your business locally by claiming your profile to Google, setting up Google business for your business.

 As per the study, while making shopping decision 72% of consumers use online reviews, 90% smart phone users use phone for shopping.

According to the deep study on the intent of the searcher, it has come that over 4 billion desktop queries in alone USA have local intent and over 50% of mobile searches have local intent.

Connect with Influencers to promote your products – Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing had grown and the first choice of marketers, you might be aware of the benefits that you can get using influencer marketing are

  • #you can reach bigger audience
  • #social following can be grown
  • #build trust
  • #helps in increasing site traffic
  • #generate more leads
  • #result oriented marketing that drive sales

According to the Neilsen survey influencers content has 88% more value than branded content for branding your brand awareness.

Partnering with social media users, bloggers and vloggers can make you reach more audience than promoting from your own site.

Influencer helps you reach larger audience that ultimately helps you build backlinks which google uses to rank pages in search.

The Final Word

Ecommerce SEO is a big term in today’s market globally. There is no doubt that every business entrepreneurs are investing a lot to establish their online store, But one should not forget that the eCommerce store will only work and generate revenue for you by implementing the e-commerce SEO services. 819Media is the foremost name in the SEO marketing industry and is also a top eCommerce SEO Agency that has implemented an effective and result-oriented SEO link building strategy those eCommerce businesses will experience an increase in their revenue with the boost in organic results. Our eCommerce SEO professionals are highly passionate about off-page and on-page strategies to optimize each of your product, the categories and the major brand pages. We and our Digital Marketing team is exceptionally effective in making an eCommerce business BRAND and SEARCHABLE over the web and allow it to get sustainable results within a short period.

Are you having an awesome website but no inquiries, no leads, no business? Feel free to reach us and provide us an opportunity to add you in our successful eCommerce business owners list partnering with 819media in increasing you the business and revenue that we have done before to our other clients.

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