Marketing and especially digital marketing has almost changed the pace and face of the market segmentation as well as marketing strategy planning. With the effective, productive and interactive presence on social media presence of the users across the globe on one hand and the companies with varieties of products and services, on the other hand, has made it imperative for every business to be focused on the core strategies for the social media marketing.

According to a statistical survey, various social networks are going to be full of 2.5 billion the social network users by the end of this year.

Tips to build effective social media marketing strategy

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a big thing in today’s era. For example, if I wish to develop a website on a platform like say, WordPress, there are thousands of companies available on the queue rendering the same services but how I would be able to select the one that best fits my expectations.

I would definitely go the social media platforms like Linked In, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram where I will be able to know what I am supposed to know about the company.

This is the reason why today, it is imperative for every business to have a strong virtual presence to the best of their work to display on social media platforms.

Set the goals- What you wish to achieve?

List of social media marketing goals

This is the very first thing, you should do as a business owner. Your every marketing plan and social media post should have an intent either to penetrate the market or to establish your product, company or your personal brand.

For example,

You’re Goal: Personal Branding

Plan: To increase the right and productive connects and then sharing and interacting thoughtfully with them through varieties of posts.

Make your stand in the virtual world with dominating contents:

Contents are and will be the King all the way and by all the means – I would love to quote this line especially in respect of digital marketing. I would say, contents are, be in any form, blog, video, vlog, articles, the crux of digital marketing. Hence you should have a sound team of the content creators who have the expertise of creating the contents that people love to read and watch irrespective of their busy life schedules. Let me explain it with few lines;

Don’t just say, “I wish to sell this pen.”

Instead, you should have a number of contents that well explain why a person should buy this pen?
The last sentence might lead to a series of the contents in the form of some catchy videos or write-ups that create a feeling of trust among the buyers.

Selection of the Right social media channels:

This is a very crucial phase of social media marketing plan. Let us be clear about one important aspect that most social media marketers make especially when they are either new bees or are lacking in digital marketing experience. See, you need not be present at all the social media sites and I would say, you need to be choosy and smart while planning your social media promotion.

For example, if you find your target audience is more active on Facebook then plan your strategy considering Facebook- their likes or dislikes, engagement, conversations, following etc. This will be more effective and resultant than to have accounts on multiple social media channels without active participation on the same.

Build a strong and trusted following:

Let me put a simple question:

How will someone trust you or your brand or your company, your customers don’t know at all about? The answer to this question might be a core part of your digital media marketing campaign.

Someone who doesn’t know you will start recognizing you

  • with your active participation with them,
  • through the posts you share,
  • through the messages you send,
  • Through the articles you post or videos, you share voicing your genuinely, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Set the trend and be a concept leader:

You must have noticed most of the posts on social media platforms are generally shared by someone else or you will find the posts that are the products of someone else. Very few succeed in presenting a genuine idea with authentic insights.

Hence, it would be great if you set a trend that compels someone to follow you for which you are supposed to have a systematized thought-process and blend of visionary thinking and in-depth knowledge of the industry you are working in.


Social media marketing can well be defined in few words, build the trust, maintain the same with quality service and expand with the references of the people you worked with or you have been working with. Mind well, A 3 to 4 liner recommendation on Linked In might have a value of half a million-dollar business.

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