The innumerable website and online stores with hundreds of thousands of products to offer to their prospective customers across the globe is something most convincing scenario to sell online. But at the same time, there is the question of grabbing the maximum market share is there with every online store owner.

The reason behind the online store being the most popular medium for shopping is that it is a time-saver and cost-effective mode of shopping without tiring crowds found in in-store shopping. The success of an eCommerce store is not limited merely to have a large website with a wide range of products. You need to promote the sales with time-tested and proven methodologies to make your online store a great success.

The following insights will help you improvise your eCommerce website conversions rates:


Interpret rightly your customers’ expectations:

You will get the best out of your store when you succeed in interpreting the expectations of your customers. You can track this out easily with the help of the customers’ previous visits to your stores or with the help of the existing customers’ behavior. You will find loads of expectations that every individual customer who has visited your online store. However, some of the most common and basic expectations a customer has from your online store are:

Ease of navigation throughout the website:

The easier the navigation throughout the sight, the better are the chances of doubling your sales. It is now a very common fact that when a customer finds it difficult to find his/her choice on your website or the navigation on the online store is a bit tedious and time-consuming. This results in nothing but increases in the bounce rates on your website. you can harmonize the navigation process by

  • Less number of clicking buttons.
  • Ease of adding products to the cart.
  • Ease of the checkout process from the selection of the products to the payment for the same.

It would be wiser to adopt a simple and easy navigation map to increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Price and quality assurance:

This is the most promising Key Result Area for which you are going to get not only the loyal customer- base but also the repeated demand of the products on your eCommerce store. The most trending approach can be to sell your products at a reasonable price without compromising the quality standards.

Post sales services offered- if any:

Post sales services play a vital role in the success of any online store. Post sales services will benefit you in multiple ways like –

  • A live contact with your customers
  • Idea about the future needs.
  • Improvised existing process or policy for the sales-return, loyalty rewards etc.

Choices for the products they wish to buy:

This is basically concerned with the Cross-sell as and selling the same product with multiple options. Your eCommerce store should be well tuned to offer the complementary as well as the substitute products to the customers visiting your eCommerce store.

Take care of each interaction with your customers:

Interactions of the customers while visiting your eCommerce store are the indicators of required changes or responses you need to incorporate in your existing selling process. Even a minute failure to comply with a customer’s requirement, you might lose a brand-loyal customer no matter how best your eCommerce store team were in the past.

Easily approachable and handy communication:

Most customers don’t like unwanted promotional calls from the sellers and simultaneously the late or improper communication to the customer might lead to a nose dive of your eCommerce store to the ground.

It would be better to place a proper communication flow on your website with adequate information from the product to purchase and any assistance they need while making a purchase as well after the purchase.

Captivating contents:

It is about the contents that are capable of motivating the visitor to spend some time on the website, lead to interact and finally make a successful conversion. You will notice this element on any successful eCommerce website where the visitor enjoys his interactions and love to go through every word or sentence written on the website.

Intuitive user interface:

Selling online is almost like selling a product to an individual and therefore every customer would expect what great your online store has in its pocket to offer! Its just like offering a One-Stop solution for their every minute requirement from the data, information, product descriptions to chatbots. In simple words, you should be able to perceive the preferences, likes, dislikes, and choices of your customers when they visit your store.


With these simple yet effective tweaks, you can fuel your online store with handsome conversions. Yes, online store- the concept has become a day-to-day learning process. The more you dig deep, the precious gems you will find every day, even every hour.

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