I remember a quote I happened to read on some social media site which read,

“Don’t judge a person by the clothes he wears”

And so is the case with the design of an eCommerce website. You need to look at the ease of functionality and then you are sure to get the optimum ROI out of it.


The more the user-friendly your web design is, the lesser will be chances of your buyer leaving your website in the mid of the purchase he is making. The reason behind the success of the most successful online eCommerce websites is the user experience that a customer gets while shopping online. If you Google with the keyword, “ World’s leading ecommerce sites”, you are sure to find some of the following names:

  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc- Operating in 27 countries with 11,453 stores.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. – Operating in 11 countries with 12,800 drug stores.
  • Amazon -Amazon.com, Inc. operating in 14 countries and 62% of the sales of this is outside the US inclusive of domestic and international sales.

If you visit the sites of these organizations, you will notice the ease of the shopping process on the websites which is nothing but what we call the User Experience. A website with engaging ecommerce web design is in a sense value addition to the overall persona of a company. I would prefer to call it Value Addition mainly because it is the hassle-free design of a website that enchants the customers and helps in reducing the bounce rates. Observing the leading online store websites

Here are some insights that will enable you to create an engaging ecommerce business website design.

Categorization of products:

This is inevitably the first requirement for creating a successful online ecommerce store. The more products or service specific categorization, the easier it would be for your customer to make a purchase from your store. Moreover, it will also help your customer to glide through the range of products you are offering online provided the same is adequately categorized and displayed.

Colors & Contents:

This aspect is not merely from the point of view of SEO but also from the point of view of the expectation that usually a customer has from an online ecommerce store. You may take into consideration the trends, choices, preferences, demographic data, the frequency of visits and accordingly adorn your website with eye-catching colors and easy-to-understand texts. In short, the contents in the form of texts and the graphics on the grid with intuitive color should align.

Ease of Navigation:

This aspect can be said to be a step of the ladder of success. According to a quote, most of the ecommerce website visitors switch to another website mainly because when they face problems in respect of the navigation on a website. From one button to another, and from one box to another offer box gives an exciting experience to the buyer. This might be perhaps one of the prime reasons that will compel your customers to make your website the first choice to shop online.

Hassle-free Shopping Process:

You might have a great variety of products to display on the board but if the shopping of them online is lengthy and time-consuming, then this shopping process is sure to paralyze your ecommerce store. Hence, your store should have a crystal clear and easy to follow the flow of the shopping process. For example, you can add a pop-up box guiding the customer to follow the next steps for further shopping process.

Semantic relation between graphics & text:

As stated earlier, it is a prudent practice to establish a harmony between the texts and graphics on your ecommerce store. What I mean is very simple, the graphics should convey the same message what you have placed in texts on your website. Even a minute deviation between the two will lose the essential element of the user experience.

eCommerce Website Design Best Practices Example

best practices ecommerce sites

The question, how to improve online customer experience” has always remained challenging due to the fastest taking place the changes in the standards of living and technology. One has to dig deep to explore the exact expectations of a buyer visiting your ecommerce store, the data reconciliation, and accordingly the needed changes or modification in the existing design of your ecommerce store website.

We are perhaps living in the era where every online ecommerce business owner has to keep a keen eye on the trends and moves in the virtual market to answer the question, “How to improve online customer experience.”

Wrapping up:-

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