Many e-commerce webmasters hold the analysis that when they list a lot of items, everything will interpret to higher traffic with better SEO ranking and sales. Though, this is never the scenario. Unlike blogs, optimizing for an e-commerce website is harder and need a lot of effort. E-commerce SEO mistakes Not only effects your online visibility it also reduces your ROI.

Top organic rankings are the objective of every e-commerce website success and there are many components connected to an e-commerce SEO strategy. But sometimes we do some very common E-commerce SEO mistakes that delay results and decreases ROI. More than 60% of the people who investigate web click the top 3 search results and approximately 80% of the users never look for beyond 1st page. This emphasizes the significance of ranking on top. No matters how good looking store with good products in that. Unless and until the store is optimized as per best ecommerce SEO guidelines, it won’t appear in Google search results.

Not Using Analytics & Tracking to See What Converts

Google Analytics Tracking and Analysis
Not Tracking and Analyzing Traffic Behavior on site

Reaching your ecommerce store goals starts with proper tracking of your marketing efforts. Website analytics tools like Google Analytics provides marketers insights to know how their ecommerce SEO efforts are working. It gives a fare an insight into the kind of traffic website is attracting and what visitors do onsite. Ecommerce owners and SEO growth hackers can get actionable insights into next marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Website Analytics:

  • Collect website data
  • Measure website performance
  • Generate marketing intelligence

Thing an ecommerce SEO expert takes care of is: Google Analytics Audit, Google Analytics Setup/Testing; Events and Goal setup.

No call-to-action (CTA) for your visitors

Not Clear Call-to-Action
Not Clear Call-to-Action

Every web page should attract your audience to take action. ‘Sign up’ button for the newsletters or a ‘buy’ button on a product page. The law is easy – make it as simple as possible for your visitors to make a purchase, download more information, lodge an inquiry, or contact you. CTAs can be a dominant marketing and analytics tools when it comes to developing a database or monitoring your online success. There are numerous resources to assist guide you on what a successful CTA looks like. Most notably though, a professional web developer will know where to strategically place CTAs to increase the most engagement. CTA provides:

  • Direction for your users
  • Focus on your store
  • A method to measure the success of your store.

Having lengthy or confusing checkout process

Lengthy And Confusing Buying Process
Lengthy And Confusing Checkout Process

This is one of the most harmful mistakes an ecommerce site can make. You have to make it as simple as possible for your consumers to hand over their credit card information to complete their order. The more steps you have in between placing an item in their cart and actually paying for it, the more chances you give them to leave your site without completing their transaction. The perfect checkout procedure should have only a single page for customers to complete their order and enter their billing and shipping information. Anything more than that is only a barrier to finishing the checkout process.

  • Give customers with a Checkout button only
  • Do not display inappropriate buttons and way buyers through more steps

Poor images or photography

Low Quality Product Images
Not having high-quality images

While shopping online comes with its clear amenities, there’s still the part of not being capable to examine the product in person. As such, E-commerce sites totally require having the highest quality and most detailed photos of the products being sold. If the image isn’t understandable, or there aren’t a variety of angles to the product in various images, reducing the customer satisfaction and chances to buy. Preferably, E-commerce sites should have many, professionally photographed images of their products.

  • Avoid large size images that take up half the space on product pages
  • Align all product images in the same size

Not using big data and AI

Not Using Big Data and AI
Not Using Big Data and AI to Understand Behaviour and Engage Visitors

Another damaging mistake an ecommerce site makes is not using Big Data and AI. These are one of the latest technology trends especially for E-commerce. Big data and analytics are changing all types of industries, including E-Commerce. Nearly every action that users take online can be interpreted as some type of data, much of which can be used, after examining, to optimize E-Commerce sites. Big data analytics can assist you to expect demand, personalize customer experiences and optimize your costing to boost sales. This is vital because just a 1% increase in price leads to an average 8.7% boost in income, but 30% of pricing decisions fall short of the best possible cost.

Therefore online marketers get to know:

  • where and when to deploy personalized marketing, segment marketing, native marketing
  • It also boosts the anticipative outcomes of the marketing endeavors

Mobile Devices Incompatibility

Stores are not mobile friendly
Omni-channel experience missing

In US mobile e-commerce is an around $40B market and it’s a mobile-first world. More and more people these days are using their mobile devices when searching for products. It is not enough to be just computer optimized; people don’t want to look at sites with readability and user-experience issues in mobile devices. Every site should have the mobile option or responsive design, which is used to adapt to the screen size, have readable text, clickable buttons, and optimized images, in other words, to have the same function as it has when on a desktop computer.

Some of the Factors that need to be considered in mobile user-experience:

  • Fonts: Should be readable
  • Video: Ensure all video content can be played on mobile
  • Scrolling: Emphasize scrolling over clicking
  • Headlines: Make sure to have short and compelling headlines

Don’t Forget The Long-Term Effect

One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid in terms of SEO techniques for E-commerce is forgetting the long-term effect. For example, the keyword stuffing WebPages developed back in 2002 would rank poorly today. It’s significant that you keep your thumb on the beat of optimization. The search engine giant is always working to ensure quality and comparative results are displayed first and foremost. This means you need to be alert to these changes if you want to keep your site from being covered under the competition.

Have lots of features that can be used including:

  • Coupons and discount codes
  • An onsite blog
  • User review options
  • Search capability

Not using new technologies like AR

Augmented Reality for ecommerce
Not using Augmented Reality for ecommerce

Another mistake is not using new technologies like AR. Augmented Reality is an attractive method to attract a wide range of clients on mobile devices. It is a rapid, simple and communicating way for a range of platforms of E-commerce websites. In 2018, this technology is all set to improving or intensifying the visuals of the real world that we see through our eyes, with the help of computer created imagery. It assists to endorse positive communication with customers and also within the business organization thus enhancing work functions.

Further, online retailers can also use

  • Push consumers personalized marketing contents
  • Recommend perfect purchase options and special coupons or deals, to forecast
  • Obtain valuable insights, directly from the consumers

Not targeting B2B

B2B E-commerce marketing
Not targeting B2B as customers

The survey also exposed that whereas the majority of retailers have a B2B strategy, less than 10% feel they are implementing well. Customers imagine purchasing flawlessly and cooperating across channels, using dissimilar devices. It’s not enough for vendors to have a presence across numerous B2B channels; they must have well-organized integrations. Retailers will get a firmer grip on B2B and use that understanding to incorporate more online platforms to carry a more reliable experience across channels.

  • B2B E-commerce will witness booming development
  • Platform provides sellers resolve the challenges related to customized pricing, bulk shipping, etc

Not targeting Millennials

Not targeting Millennials as Customers
Millennials are new breed of target audience and are not targeted

It is estimated that 40% of Millennials have used voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to make purchases online. This rising trend has a knock-on effect on channels like search. People using voice-activated technology lean to use more relaxed phrases compared to what they may type in a search engine. If you want to take benefit of voice searches, ensure your keywords and phrases take into deliberation the different spoken language around your brand. This will assist you to make the most of this rising trend.

With this you can

  • Perform actions on your phone or search the internet just by speaking
  • Help users research shopping options and even buy items online

Not Measuring the ROI

Measured eCommerce Marketing Efforts Missing
Not measuring eCommerce Marketing Efforts

Last but not the least make sure to measure ROI. Short-sighted social media pride metrics will no longer cut it in 2018. It is time to let go of page likes and follower counts and in its place focus on issues like customer service expenses, brand insight monitoring, talent acquisition, reputation risk management and supply chain analysis, Building a social outreach approach focused on ROI measuring will need brands develop their analytics measuring if they hope to accomplish constant success.

To Conclude

There are many SEO drawbacks for running an e-commerce website and they can really affect your rankings. Running an e-commerce store has become even tougher with the appearance of the new players in the market. It will take time and steady hard work from your end to win the assurance of your visitors. All the pitfalls which have been showcased above should be avoided if you want your e-commerce store to be successful for a longer period. Since there is high competition among the different business vendor even the slightest of mistake can prove to be harmful to your business.

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