Iam going to narrate here some tips for UX design for eCommerce that will work out to boost your eCommerce store sales. But I guess the ideal would be first to have a look at what visitors from different facets of life have to say about their visiting experiences:

Important Insights On The Design That Voice Your Brand

  • You will find people saying I landed on the XYG website and it ate much of my time in loading.
  • While some have their say that I had to wander a lot on the website to search for the choice my product.
  • Whereas some might scream about the Non-performance of the eCommerce website on their mobile devices.

I believe you must have got the idea what I wish to convey through the common shouts by the visitors now. Yes, this is about nothing but the most ignored part of an eCommerce website – UX or user experience for your website when they visit a site. One element is and will remain unique that is the expectations of the customers when they land on your site. They expect the “EASE” & “COMFORT” while they land on and navigate through your website.

Therefore, in order to root the elements of simplicity and ease in your site in terms of eCommerce UI/UX Design, you will have to take care of various anglesfrom the design, categorization to payment gateways on your eCommerce store, from the point of view of simple customers.

Here are the prime tips to enrich your website withrespectto eCommerce Website Design:

1. Mobile and Desktop Websites need separate treatment in terms of UI/UX:

I would love to place this aspect in the first place majorly because most eCommerce store owners, as I have observed, failed to take care of it. If you have a look at the figure of the purchases made by the customers, it will compel you to make your eCommerce website design more mobile friendly. For example, 35% of the people making online shopping in the US prefer to make purchases from the mobile devices. So, think of the losses of the market share you expect if your eCommerce store design is not mobile friendly or doesn’t work on the mobile device screens. You can think of the following aspects in order to improvise the eCommerce Website Design for mobile devices.

  • The user experience should be more natural with a native feel.
  • Selection of keyboards for mobile shoppers
  • Feature enabling to save carts
  • Product categorization befitting to the mobile screen.
  • Take care of the speed when your website is browsed through a mobile device.

2. Ease of search with intuitive navigation:

Navigation is very closely associated with the user experience.Hence when the navigation is attributed with some interruptions or requiring many efforts, you are sure to suffer a heavy loss of your customers intending to buy from your store. In simple words, when a visitor on your store finds it difficult to find a product they wish to purchase or they can not land on the page ofthe product of their choice.You can insert the following to make navigation more effective:

  • Labelling with easy words or with the words commonly used by the customers.
  • Always place the things in the right place the customers are more familiar with. For example, Cart.
  • Internal search options for regular visitors.
  • Clickable categories of the products.

3. Text contents & Designs:

The contents that you draft and the design you create displaying your product has a lot more to do with user experience optimization. Ideally, the design should follow the contents and the contents should follow the expectations of customers and the information desired by the customer.

In nutshell, the design should be made on the basis of the contents drafted. This will align both in terms of the UX and semantic relation between the product design and the contents.

4. Use of the latest design trends:

Your UX Designers team should make an in-depth research on the most booming current eCommerce UX trends and accordingly design your eCommerce website store for search engine. For example, automatic graphics sliders, background videos, GIFs, illustrations, typography, foreground,and background scrolling elements and the likes are the most in demand designing trends in the current era with the highest success ratio in engaging the visitors on site.

However, the above design features succeed if they are implemented properly without consuming much load-time.

You can work out this aspect with the following care:

  • There should be no visual distraction.
  • No issue of the load time when animations or videos are used.
  • Do the elements on your website page suffice the aim of the visitors?

Whatever you place, does it follow the customer-centric approach?

5. Conclusion:

I’ll wrap up this discussion with the words of Albert Einstein

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

I relate this quote in the sense that the simple and convincing designs always demand the precision of both the top eCommerce Designers as well as the copy writers as they are the people who will reflect what a customer wants!

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