According to the recent study and current market trends, it’s very important to redesign your website for your business to look nice, easy to use and mobile friendly because your website is the true face of your online business and this will be the first thing that seen by the customer. Currently, 4.77 billion users are browsing the website through mobile browsers so it’s very important that your website should be responsive.

Websites are not something you develop once and then never see again. Your website should be maintained and updated regularly. The function, look and feel should change regularly to stay updated with advanced technology, search engine changes and particularly your user’s requirements.

If you’ve noticed your website hasn’t changed since many time, keep an eye out of these things. These 13 signs are indicators for a website redesign:

Your Website Looks Outdated

Your Website Looks Outdated
Your Website Looks Outdated

According to the recent study most of the people judge your business through your website designs and if it looks old then you may lose potential visitors for your business from this old look and they will click away from your website to some of your competitors websites who have a website up to date with the latest trends & technology with modern touch.

It’s really too bad for your business but its bitter truth!

So it’s a time to upgrade/re-design your website and your business to become more modern and credible in front of the visitors and competitors.

Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Business & Marketing Strategy

Your Website Doesnt Reflect Business & Marketing
Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Business & Marketing Strategy

We are checking many sites and they launched new products and services frequently but they do not change the things for the online business, actually its necessary and important to change on-line as well because if your potential visitor looking for the products/services online and they will not get those things from your website then definitely they will go to your competitors.

With Re-Design of a website, you can expand your business and services which you are providing so each visitor is aware of the things which you offer.

Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive
Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

As previously mentioned that 4.77 billion users own smartphones nowadays. Before a few years back people were using Desktop for shopping, ordering food and connecting with friends, and now a day’s people are using Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and many types of mobiles and they need a consistent experience for your business from all devices.

If you fail to provide this experience then you may be losing visitors at higher bounce rate.

So with better website design, you can address all these issues and it will decrease your bounce rate and increase conversation ratio.

May Be Your Website Was Built With Flash

May Be Your Website Was Built With Flash
May Be Your Website Was Built With Flash

Flash was used by years ago but now Flash is totally outdated because it’s not rendered in Mobile Phones as well as Tablets and also it’s not readable by the topmost search engines, and not good for the SEO.

So if your website is built using Flash then don’t worry about this because Flash is completely replaced by the HTML5/CSS3.

Your Website Has Bad User Experience & Navigation

Your Website Has Bad User Experience & Navigation
Your Website Has Bad User Experience & Navigation

As previously mentioned that your website is face of your business so you have to make sure that you are providing good experience through your website which includes things,

  • A good and easy layout design
  • Easy navigation and page structure
  • Presented information which is easy to read for anyone.
  • Brand messages should be clear to end users.
  • Proper and clear images and media.

Your Website Is Slow

Your Website Is Slow
Your Website Is Slow

Do you know the things like 50% of consumers expect that website should be load in 2-3 seconds? If your website is not loading quickly then you may lose your potential customers for your business.

If a consumer wants to find something on your site and it takes too much time to load then they will go for another option or leave from your site same time.

Overall Its Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

Your site is designed to be the online part of your business. It should help your business, not work against it. If your website doesn’t match your needs, there’s a disconnect somewhere. Basically, that disconnects sign from website redesign.

Invest some time to review your current business requirements and improve or update as required. Then make sure your website matches your business requirements. If there is disconnect or mismatch you’ll wish to get your website to reworked or redesigned for a reliable brand across all platforms.

The content of your website is outdated

An outdated content and outdated website design often go together.

Your site’s content plays a key role to index your pages in search engines. This is what your users are noticing when they land on your page. If it is outdated with incorrect data and irrelevant data, then you’re not delivering what users are looking and it draws your brand into a negative image.

Finally, if you can’t be bothered to provide proper content or an updated design, your users will consider that you don’t any concerns about them and their needs either.

Difficulty in updating or changing website content

From customer retention to SEO, all the essential marketing challenges can be addressed with an effective content management system (CMS).

It is suggested to integrate a CMS because with this, you could edit the content yourself. Redesigning your site with a CMS, you can make powerful your marketing team since your content would become easily accessible.

But, before doing this, you should make sure that users could easily locate the content and that search engine can find and index your content.

The look and feel is conflicting across the site.

The user experience on your website should be consistent. When users are browsing your website, they want easy navigation.

The final thing you want is for a user to get diverted or thrown off by inconsistent design. You wish for slight friction as possible between the user and conversion.

If the function, look and feel of your website is inconsistent on the website, your users will easily become frustrated or distracted trying to move and they’ll just leave.

Website ignores social media

Social media is more vital than ever. Your website should not ignore social media.

You should recognize the social media channels where your perfect client is and then original an active company at that particular platform and link to it from your website and back to your website from the social channel.

If your social media accounts are active, it allows Google and your potential clients know that your business is booming.

Is your website is developed on the safe and secure platform?

Possibly one of the greatest worries of our time is cybersecurity, and entrepreneurs and small businesses are just as vulnerable to website viruses and hacking as larger businesses.

If your website was developed years ago and hasn’t been updated while, you are at bigger risk for hacking and malware.

Ineffective SEO

If your search engine rankings are low, its signs of website redesign!

Having original content can organically increase your website’s search engine ranking. The content on your website should be associated with the modern SEO trends, and not rely on images and flash.

We know that around 93% of website visits start with a search engine. Keeping this trend in mind, it may be vital for you to redesign your website.

Wrapping up

It’s safe to say that to make sure an enjoyable customer user experience, you should certainly consider the aforesaid website redesign checklist. If any of the above relates to your website, it’s time for a change. Including these will absolutely lower your bounce rates, boost sales and make sure a memorable customer experience.

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